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Maternity to Baby is an Irish Company established in 2021 by Lorna, a Practicing Midwife and her friend and business partner Joanna. The idea came about the same way most great business ideas happen, over a cuppa tea and a chat at the kitchen table. While talking about their pregnancy journeys, they both realised despite their different body shapes and sizes they both struggled with finding comfortable clothing to fit during their pregnancies. This was their lightbulb moment.

With a bit of research, they realised that although there are many companies catering for the clothing needs of babies and children, there was a distinctive lack of Irish maternity clothing companies which cater for expectant mothers clothing needs, during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Hence the reason behind Maternity to Baby. The aspiration is to bring you a collection of unique styles of clothing for pregnancy, breastfeeding and for your new baby, with the emphasis being on quality and comfort.

About Us | Maternity to Baby
Our Story

Meet Lorna

Hi, I am Lorna I am a midwife, nurse, and antenatal educator, but most importantly a mom of 4 young children. Having had 4 pregnancies, I know first-hand how hard it can be to get comfortable maternity clothes to accommodate your growing bump. I really struggled to get clothes to fit and when I did a lot of them were very thin, frumpy, see -through or of poor quality.

As a mom and a midwife, I know comfort in pregnancy is paramount for expectant mothers. I hope this collection will have something for everyone. We have clothes that can adapt to your growing bump, Labour gowns ideal for skin- to- skin and clothes that can adapt for easy access for breastfeeding. Our baby range is a collection of 100 % cotton baby grows which are perfect against delicate new-borns skin and have beautifully designed fabric and we also offer a unique easy change vests (a must have for a new parent) which do not require being put over your baby’s head.

Meet Joanna

Hi, I am Joanna. I am a mum, a dental nurse, but I also have a business qualification. I am married and have one Son and just like Lorna I too struggled to get clothes to fit me during my pregnancy. Truth be told I spent most of it wearing my husband’s unflattering oversized jumpers. I am delighted to be starting this partnership and taking on a new challenge.

As busy working mum, it is a big step to push yourself to step out of your comfort zone and reach for a new goal, but honestly, I am truly passionate about bringing our products to you.  We have carefully chosen a beautiful collection of quality maternity clothing, that is designed for maximum comfort, while not compromising on style.

Both Lorna and I have worked relentlessly over the last 6 months to source small manufacturers and suppliers within the E.U. to avoid mass produced fast fashion. We corresponded and met face to face with onsite visits to most of our suppliers to insure we source quality products.

We would like to thank you for choosing to shop with us and support a Small Irish business.

About Us | Maternity to Baby
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